About me


I am a student of Digital Media Design at Bournemouth University who previously studied Graphic Design in Spain.
I’m a really enthusiastic, hard worker, creative and motivated person who enjoys a lot doing her job and who tries to progress a little bit every day.
I have fun solving problems, that is why I find design really intriguing and interesting. In design, all problems have many solutions but you have to pick up only one. This is why I am also good at making choices.
I am really passionated at what I am doing and it gets reflected on my work.
I am also reliable and a good team worker.



– June 2010 – Currently

Company: Salvador Giralt (writer)
Position: Graphic designer
Description: I create posters for recitals, actuations and performances. I also made covers for his books.

– July 2014- September 2014 (volunteer)

Company: Christina Schultz (artist)
Position: Graphic Designer and outsider ideas
Description: I created the website for her last project “Say hi to Tom”. I also helped her to develop the idea of the action and gave her my view as an outsider to help her from another perspective.

– September 2010- December 2010 (placement of Graphic Design studies)

Company: BAC! – 11(Barcelona Art Contemorany)
Position: Graphic Designer
Description: I made all graphic part of the festival (poster, lifleads, personal cards).



After Effects



Catalan, Spanish, English
Studying French



I like to be updated with the latest news since it is very important in my field, and it makes me feel connected with the world. This assertion makes me realise that when it comes to professional matters, commitment with what I am doing is something really meaningful to me. I am also very interested in interactivity, because it is a new way of approaching to an audience, making them part of the whole system. Likewise, it is, again, about connecting with them in one way or another. I am also fascinated in how everything is converging, and I do specially like projects done by people from different disciplines that decide working together to make a new unique and special piece. I do think that convergence of different fields, make experiences richer, deeper, and more interesting. Lately, I have been quite fascinated by glitch aesthetics in art since it makes the medium obvious and in doing so, makes it to be part of the whole piece. From my point of view, I find it really interesting when different parts are integrated in the whole final output, since the message transmitted is richer and more shaded. I also enjoy coding since it is important for me to understand the foundations and be able to construct not only the idea but the actual piece. I like the process of making.



I go to gym often because it helps me to unwind, disconnect, feel fresher and be healthier. I would rather go to supervised classes because music and other people around makes the experience more enjoyable and makes me feel more motivated.
Another interest and practice I perform is meditation. It helps me to find other realities and answers in myself that I can not find out in the world. It also helps me to become relax, laid-back and live life more serenely. I have started dancing salsa recently, nonetheless, I have been dancing different styles during all my life. From my point of view, dance is a really good way to express oneself and go with the flow. I have been into art for a while now. I enjoy both, creating it and going to exhibitions to see what is going on. I have an extra fascination for collages and remix culture. I also form part of Bournemouth International Society, where you can find students from all over the world. I am really interested in all shades you can find when contacting with different cultures and the potential it has to broaden one’s mindset.


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