iPhone App___ MAGNA CARTA

DOCUMENTATION OF THE PROJECT: https://magnacartaquizzappblog.wordpress.com/

We were a group of four people:

  • Clàudia Giralt Monedero – Project Manager and First coder
  • Inayat Miah – Blogger and content creator
  • Jaymini Parmar – Second coder
  • Matthew Lean – Designer

We were given the brief of making an app that would run for real in Salysbury cathedral during an exhibition that is currently taking place, to celebrate the 800 anniversary of Magna Carta.

The app had to be interactive, fun, engaging and quite simple to use.

We decided to make a quiz game in which people had to look for shapes in the cathedral and then answer the questions. It would force the people to look at the actual place in stead of being hooked by the iPhone.

We also created a narrative that relates to democracy, since Magna Carta is the foundation of it, and we believed it would be appropriate to relate the app somehow with this concept, and not only with the cathedral. This is why the plot of the app is a competitive path between two parties who compete to get the title of party in charge.

The following blog will guide you through all the process and difficulties we have came across to create the app:

DOCUMENTATION OF THE PROJECT: https://magnacartaquizzappblog.wordpress.com/

Screenshot 2015-05-20 01.09.11 Screenshot 2015-05-20 01.00.38 Screenshot 2015-05-19 23.35.52 Screenshot 2015-05-20 01.10.00 Screenshot 2015-05-20 01.05.04

DOCUMENTATION OF THE PROJECT: https://magnacartaquizzappblog.wordpress.com/


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