ITERATIVE DESIGN (II)_ ##2nd round##___ STAGE 2 (SOLVE)


I will change the aesthetics of the piece making a different kind of shapes, more sophisticated and complex. I would like to observe if making a polisher looking outcome, but leaving the same random combination of colours, will transmit the same feelings and change them, from strain to ease, at the same pace and intensity.

I have found a really interesting and inspiring video that interviews Casey Reas (he is a contemporary artist and one of the creators of Processing language). This video has inspired me and made me want to build an L-system based image.

(The creators project, 2012)

I will continue the project learning how to work with L-systems and applying it to my piece.

L-systems were created in 1968 by Lindenmayer. He created an alphabetical based system to describe how plants grow repeating similar patterns now and again. It can be used to recreate realistic digital images of plants, and other shapes, easily. (Shiffman, 2013)


Shiffman, D., 2013., The nature of code. [online] The nature of code. Available on:

The creators project, 2012., How to draw with code / Casey Reas. [online]. Youtube. Available on:



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