In this project, a media interactive piece has to be created using Processing. It is going to be tested in the Waymouth House foyer. Users should be capable to interact with the piece without problem.


“One of the great challenges in interaction design is actually creating real interactions between what you’re designing and the user who will be using it”

“What exactly is interaction? (…) exchange of information between two or more active participants”

“As an interaction designer, you’re trying to understand what the user wants to do and how the system that you’re creating should respond”

“Interaction happens via messages sent from systems to users, and vice versa. These messages can be text, speech, colors, visual feedback, or mechanical and physical input or feedback”

“One of the most difficult tasks in creating interactive applications is to understand how the system sees messages from users and how the user sees messages from the system”

(Noble, 2012)


Requirements are:

– to use a camera and television screens in the foyer.
– use Processing as a main tool to make the system work.
– the piece has to be interactive.
– it should be inspired on a idea or concept perceived as a “key to our 21st century media experience”.



– People from media school. Teachers, students and workers, who are in the foyer.
– Most of them might have some knowledge and interest on media.
– An equal number of male and female.


The piece has to be related with a 21st century media concept, but there is no need to communicate it. It just has to be the underlying theme. What user should perceive is the interactiveness of the piece, so that they know, there is the possibility to interact with it.


– The space is quite broad.
– Walls are orange and white.
– There are two columns in the middle.
– Space is broken into different sections:

– Bar
– Tables with chairs
– Tables and sofas
– Bar around the column with high chairs
-Big sofa with table
– TV study
– Elevator and dispenser machines area
– Corridor
– WC
– Free space in the middle to pass

– There are 9 screens which can be seen from all points of the foyer
– Well enlightened venue, artificial light

———> It would be good to take only a part of the venue to do the trial since otherwise it might be a bit of a chaos.


– People working in different projects, either in groups or separately
– People chilling and having coffee or food
– People asking for food and different sort of drinks in the counter
– People in a rush
– People passing by, looking at their mobiles
– People going to toilets
– Groups that gather, and then separate, in the middle of the foyer for a while
– People seeing off each other, meeting… It also is an encounter point
– Few people look either at the screens or onto the walls

——–> Another point to have in account is the time in which the piece will be tested, because it is not equally busy at all times and, depends on the piece, the noise or distractions might become a problem.


I will occupy myself with the style when I work out what my piece is going to be.


Noble, J., 2012, Programming Interactivity. 2nd Edition. Sebastopol. O’Reilly



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