ITERATIVE DESIGN__ STAGE 5: EVALUATE// Poster for an independent Dorset

What had to happen::

What actually happened::

We have completed the first round of iterative design. And our observations are, as follows:

AUDIENCE: The audience did not engage with our poster. They mostly were in a rush and, the time while they were going through the door way, was not effective enough to get the concept of interacting with the 2D graphics.

Possible solution:: an image of a kind more immediate to get the message. Also, the poster should be closer to the edge of the door, where people push it.

COMMUNICATION: We asked a number of people if the imagery of our posters was clear enough. The question was, what was the meaning of the poster image. And almost all of them came up with a different answer and none of them was “Dorset independence”.

Possible solution:: be more direct!!

SPACE: People did not interact with the poster when it was on the door. They seemed to be scared to touch it.

Possible solution:: Placing the poster on the edge of the door, where people might be more inclined to push it.  Another possible change to consider is the material of the poster. Probably, if we do it with a material that looks more integrated to the door people are more likely to use it.

STYLE: All posters we made carry the same concept behind them, although they look really different, as if they were from different campaigns.

Possible solution:: Unify all posters style. Just take one slogan and one hash tack and use the same for all of them.


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