ITERATIVE DESIGN__ STAGE 2: SOLVE// Poster for an independent Dorset

Now that the different parts have been analysed, we need to come up with solutions.

COMMUNICATION:: What we want to communicate is that local people have to be together and give their hands to cooperate towards the same end: To get an independent Dorset with more decision making power to be able to govern the county in their own way.

This is why we have thought about different ideas that depict hands as a symbolism of togetherness and cooperation. Furthermore, we have thought that we can get a couple of good slogans in regard to “hands”, such as: “give Dorset a hand”, “high five”, “don’t drop dorset”…

AUDIENCE AND SPACE:: We were analysing the space and we saw that people did not really payed attention to what was hanging on the walls, or shown on TV screens.

It is an space to work, to hang around, and to pass by when you are going to a lecture.

That’s why we decided that the better option to catch people’s attention would be to put the poster right in the middle of their way: on the door.

We also have discovered, that we have a really good point of interaction, since we are using hands in our poster, and people opens the door with their hands. Therefore, we thought that we could change our slogan a little and use something like “high five Dorset”, or “give Dorset a hand”… We put the outline of a hand on the poster, so that people put the hand right there and interact with the 2D graphics to open the door.

AUDIENCE:: Because of the scope of age of our audience is broad, and we are not allways going to have doors to place our poster, we were thinking about having two different prototypes:

– One static, with also hands on it, but with an slightly different slogan, and directed to older people.

– And one interactive, to put on doors, aimed at younger people and with a more playful nature.

STYLE: We have decided to work with the style in the second round of iteration, due to the fact that we have a less clear view of it all, and we prefer to focus on other areas, and once they are clearer, then finish it off with the right style.

One essential thing, is that, both posters should have a visual coherence so it is clear that they come from the same campaign.


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