ITERATIVE DESIGN__ STAGE 1: STUDY// Poster for an independent Dorset

AUDIENCE: This poster’s audience is people from Dorset on voting age. (but the reality, is that the audience is students, teachers and other staff who will be in the media school reception by the time we position the poster).

COMMUNICATION: We have to communicate WHY should Dorset be INDEPENDENT. We have been thinking about it, and we came up with the idea that Dorset has much tourism because of its variety of landscapes, beaches, heritage and “good weather”. However, the local council do not have enough decision making power to manage it, how they would like to. Therefore, they would like to become independent so they can manage their county as they see fit.

SPACE: The light in the foyer is quite uniform, with orange and white walls, a couple of columns, sofas, tables, a bar. In addition, there are some posters, depicting media history facts, hanging on the walls…
Kind of space: People uses it as an encounter point, to pass through, to chill, work, eat, drink, and socialise.


AUDIENCE IN THE SPACE: We were analysing the area where the poster should be situated. It is the reception of the Media School in Bournemouth University. We organised it so that, each one of us analysed a different point, in order to gather more information in less time. We came up with the following statements:

– People working in different projects, either in groups or separately.

– People chilling and having coffee or food

– People asking for food and different sort of drinks in the counter

– People in a rush (a lot of people in a rush)

– People passing by, looking at their mobiles

– People going to toilets

– Groups that gather, and then separate, in the middle of the room for a while

– People seeing others off, meeting, using the space as an encounter point

– People do not look at either the screens or the walls

FEATURES: The identity of this project should be the identity of Dorset. People from Dorset should feel identified with it.

– Water, nature, green, hands (as in community, people together, people moving and using their hands), activism, love for your land, recognition of their identity

STYLE: At this point, we do not have it clear at all, so we have thought about trying different styles and then deciding the more suitable at the second round of iteration


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