ITERATIVE DESIGN__ Poster for an independent Dorset

This is our first brief in this subject. We are going to work in small groups and we are supposed to create a poster for a campaign with the aim of Dorset becoming independent.


Firstly, we have to come up with some ideas and create several outlines based on them. At the same time, we have to consider the reasons why Dorset would like to be independent.

Once we have got some ideas and outlines, we have to analyse them and ask people for their opinions and feelings in regard to what we have done, for example the content in the poster.

Then, we have to reconsider any areas which don’t work following what we have been told about the first thoughts and develop strategies for a better outcome.

We have to repeat the process until we are sure that the outcome is good.

Our first ideas and thoughts are, as follows:

– Dorset might want to be independent because it attracts many tourists, and it does not have enough independence to manage it how local people would like to. They would want more decision making power to manage the country in their own way.


– One feature of Dorset is its variety of sights and spaces. It has beaches, fields, forests…

1207589685XdlD7Ps1 Dorset-Cliffs dorset0001 Durdle-Door-Dorset-590x392 goldHillShaftesbury

Some slogans we have come up with are, as follows:

– Go back to your roots

– Dorset is in your hands

Other things to have to account for in our poster:

– The colours of the flag: yellow, white and red


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