14’sUmmerProjects##Say hi to Tom! a call for postcards (3)


The website is ready and THE CALL has started!!

Visit the website:  www.christinaschultz.com/postcards

Say hi to everyone!

Summer has finished. And now, that everyone is going back to work and holidays are over, we invite you to join us with this friendly action that will put you on track in an activist and joyful way!

The project “Say hi to Tom” is an initiative that combines art with activism, fight with play, and assertion with information. In a nutshell, it invites people to be activist and participate off-line SENDING A POSTCARD.

This initiative is critical with massive tourism, a way of tourism that has become overcrowded and that, mostly, put off people instead of charging their batteries to go back home fully ready to retake their routines.

This kind of tourism annoy visitant and visited. And on top of that, it doesn’t show the real face of the visited place. Is just a kind of scenery that has been build to make money and that, most of the times, doesn’t consider the harm this practice is doing to the place and their inhabitants.

For all these reasons, Say hi to Tom! wants to assert in a playful, friendly, pacific, enjoyable, and overall ARTY way, an other kind of truism. More healthy at social, environmental and communicative levels.

All benefits gotten from this project will be given to an entity with the same values, that is fighting to make it better and that has the hope that it can be changed.

For all this reasons, and to have fun, Say hi to Tom! invites you to participate and do your own bit :)! Because in this kind of projects every single person is important, and it’s the way to really build something bigger!

We will appreciate if you press LIKE to the facebook profile (Say hi to Tom), if you SHARE it, or if you would like to PARTICIPATE !



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