14’sUmmerProjects##Say hi to Tom! a call for postcards (1)

I am collaborating in a project with Christina Schultz. A German artist who has been living in Barcelona for about 18 years.

The project has three clear parts. As follows:

The first one, is about creating an off-line network through which people will send postcards from their city. The theme will be a public space form their hometown. They will also have to answer three questions.

In the second part (once we will have received the postcards), Schultz is going to create a collage out of each postcard. To make it, she is going to use: the postcard, the three questions the participator will have answered, and her own imagination and creativity.

Following, we are going to choose one of those collages and print a limited edition.

All people who participate in the project are going to receive one of this postcards signed by the author.

To finish it up, an auction is going to be hold in Christmas. All the benefits are going to be given to an entity who fight to preserve public spaces in danger to be privatised.


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