Panoramic pictures

Here you can see two panoramic pictures.

As you can appreciate I placed a main subject in both of them. Whereas the first one is a self portrait (where you can also see who pressed the button of the camera reflected in the bar glass), in the second one I wanted to capture the people with who I were. From my point of view, this information gives more substance to the work pieces.

I find panoramic pictures quite alluring because you can find different stories in the same scenario.

In this two panoramic pictures the reality it’s a bit distorted because the pictures are not attached properly at some points. I find it attractive as when we look at a picture, we often confuse it with the reality not taking in account that it is a representation of the reality. That is why I find this little faults so appealing and meaningful. It gives personality and meaning to the image making the medium obvious.Panorama_square1_petita panoramic_gardens_petita


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