1- Read the following key reading: Bourriaud, N. (2002). Postproduction: Culture as Screenplay: How Art Reprograms The World

2- Watch the following key ‘Reading’: (2009). “David Carson on Design.” 

3- Answer the questions

a) What do you think Bourriaud means by the term ‘Postproduction’?

With the term ‘postproduction’, Bourriauds means: a new kind of art that makes use of already existing material as a base, to create a new piece. It is a kind of art that gathers knowledge from different periods of time and that adds the present essence of the artist, thus building a new piece created from a different perspective and with a more acute angle of insight.

b) How, if at all, does David Carson fit into Bourriauds idea of a ‘Semionaut’?

Semionaut comes from the word ‘semiotics’ which is the study of symbols and their interpretation. When Burriauds talks about ‘Semionauts’ in the text, he is talking about people who use existing symbols and their meaning to build a new symbol with a reformed meaning. Even though it is new, it incorporates past knowledge, aesthetics, and meanings as well as adding a new insight and way of functioning.

In this video, David Carson starts talking, showing and describing different signs, and then, he gives extra meaning to thoes adding his own perspective and creating, hence, a new meaning.

One example is when he shows two pictures of a garage door with a “no parking” sentence written on them. The first one is quite inexpressive, just informative, whereas the second one is badly written with big letters that gives a feeling of anger. David Carson start showing the pictures and ends up giving face to the author of the writing imagining that he is a serial killer.


There is a quote that I personally like in this video and that is about this subject, it says: “While people are engaged in creating a totally different world they always form vivid images of the preceding world.”

c) Find an example of a film, a game or other media artefact that you would consider ‘Postproduction’ and describe how it fits that definition.

The song “feel this moment” by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera is a Postproduction piece that uses the melody of “Take on me” by A-ha.

It is clearly the same melody with several changes that adapts the song to the current trend in music. It keeps a piece of the melody keeping thus a bit of the past and some memories from who can still remember this song. Nevertheless, it changes the beat and the lyric giving to the song an absolutely new spirit and making it a new piece, not a copy.

Pibull – Feel this moment ft Christina Aguilera

a-ha Take on me


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