We have thought about doing two videos. A parody of apple advertisings (which I commented in latests posts), and one taking the inspiration from Google glasses because we think it will be a good way to explain how our product works. It is a short video that pictures the day of somebody, from morning to night, using the chip.



[ 1 second fade in from white – mid shot ]

Lawrence: Its a truly magical feeling when something exceeds your ability to comprehend how it works.

[ “Lawrence Holmes/ Vice President/ Design” fade in for 1.5 seconds then fade out – no pause in dialogue]

Lawrence: Although how ever complex a technology seems, its ability to become integrated into our life’s lies within the simplicity of the idea.

[ change to close up shot ]

Lawrence: For iSense, the design behind the product revolved around a intent for seamless user experience. Our underlining goal being to create an experience which feels familiar, but is enhanced into a superior way of living.

[ change back to mid shot ]

Lawrence: To understand the workings behind iSense you must first imagine a future where our digital interaction is no longer defined by hardware or software. Through this premise, iSense opens the possibility to transform for our consumption of the digital world into becoming instinctive through the incorporation of mind.

[ fade to white, then fade to 3D animation (showing digitalized view of brain, incorperation of chip in the brain and rotating view of chip on its own??) – following dialogue is a voice over ]

Lawrence: The mind is the most powerful tool available to mankind, but is often neglected due to the appeal which digital media offers in terms of human interaction. From this, iSense creates a unique experience in the form of a 15mm microchip which, once united with the mind, allows the individual to discover and unleash the brains full potential. Resulting in a superior way of life where no memory is forgotten, no

knowledge is disregarded and where human interaction is enhanced like never before.

Lawrence: The iSense incorporates everything you’d expect in your handheld device. However unlike owning a phone or computer, the iSense is completely concealed and reliable. As well as eradicating the inconvenience of battery life, iSense begins a revolution of technology which is…

[ cut to 15 second collaboration of clips from 2nd, 3rd and 4th video as voice over continues ]

Lawrence: …truly portable, truly private and truly wireless.

Ultimately producing a intuitive and efficient product completely unique to anything previously experienced. A product which you must sense in order to belief.


MORNING (7AM-12AM) __ HEALTH healthy guy

alarm:: “would you like to see your health levels?” -cholesterol, blood sugar, iron, vitamins.

Walk from bed to kitchen, open fridge. Pick up different items. It gives recipe

Cooking an omelet and he sees the steps to follow (there could be a warning: you are forgetting salt!)

Eating eggs (intake calories)

Goes to run (motivation speech like “Well done! Keep it up!”, calories burnt, heart rate, distance, speed…)

AFTERNOON(12- 5PM)__ TRAVEL student exchange
healthy guy bumps into the student and he says “sorry” and she translates it from her perspective.

She looks at the map because she wants to find the beach. (It opens a navigation with a map that leads her to the beach)
On the way to the beach she bumps into english friends and starts a translated conversation with them.
She ends up finding the beach, looks at the see and the app gives her different options:
facts about beach
speed of the waves
“perfect for surfing”

EVENING (5PM +)__ CONNECTIONS business man
Man in suit walking to the beach and bumping into the girl.

He is doing business calls and making bank transactions.

When he finishes that, he shots it down his brain.

He sees a girl in distance waiting for him.

His heart rating increases while he gets closers. Profile appears (name, age).

Wide shot of them meeting with the beach in the background. Shot goes upwards to the sky and logo appears.


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