Our proposal

Our proposal is a chip that you insert in your mind and that makes your life easier.

You would command it with your thoughts and see visual texts, images and videos through your eyes.

It would be extendible and customisable so that everyone can make the most of their needs.

The main chip comes with the core functioning by default. It has incorporated:

  • Internet browsing

  • Visual vide + sound recording, picture taking…

  • Saving of all knowledge and memories after implant

  • Basic utilities e.g. Calculator, timer, alarm, stop watch, weight reading, dimensions, compass, dictionary, thesaurus, maps, time, calendar, temperature…

  • unlimited sharing and storage (cloud base)

  • Line video and audio calling

  • Family features incorporated, e.j. Parental control

 Apart from this, there will be three main extensions: health, travel, and connections.

 Health extension:

  • Personal health status. e.g. state of sugar levels, cholesterol, vitamins, minerals, etc…

  • Personalised tracing. e.g. all of the above, weight, height, biological and mental age… etc.

  • Calories intake and recipes.

  • Motivational speech when playing sport or trying to do a diet.

  • (…)

 Travel extension:

  • In built GPS, think of a place, know how to get there.

  • Lern languages / instant translator.

  • See reviews, ratings, menu of restaurants in your visual scope.

  • (…)


  • Instant access to a library of all e-books, magazines, publications and papers

  • Thought sharing

  • Conference calling with unlimited participants

  • Banking transfers

  • (…)


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