Fire safety awareness campign

The project brief was to create a fire safety campaign. In this, we had to present five steps which should be taken in the event of a house fire.
Firstly, we thought about how to transmit these steps effectively, conveying the gravity of the issue while at the same time having a strong impact on the public.

We came up with the following idea, which was to present the issue through two parallel stories, one of which presented a character who followed the right steps, resulting in a positive outcome, while the other, who followed the wrong steps, came to a sticky end. Despite the toughness of the idea, we felt it captured the reality of the situation. Moreover, we thought that showing the reality of what can happen if people are not careful would be the best way to make the public more aware.

The next is the main image of the campaign. As you can see it is quite shocking but it is exactly the affect we were looking for. One aim was accomplished.


Secondly, we had to ensure that the five steps were ingrained in the minds of the public. Therefore, we tried to summarise each concept in one word and then make a memorable sentence with the key letter of each word. It would help to sum up the five steps thus making them easier to remember.

The concepts were as follows:

  • To escape
  • Always to have a plan B
  • To close all doors and windows
  • To hold the keys on hand
  • To keep the exits clear

The words we selected from each sentence were:

  • Escape
  • Plan B
  • Close
  • Keys
  • Clear

And the sentence we created using the key words was: “Every Body Can Keep Calm!”

Once we put it all together we ensured that the composition was effective. We placed the sentence ‘Fire Kills!’ at the burned woman side and the full sentence on the other, thus drawing the continuity of her body.


We thought about doing different series of posters with different colours and people so an extended array of audience would feel identified.


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